LastPass Hacked: Password Manager LastPass Claims Hacked, Says No Credentials Swiped

LastPass image with social sites logo via lastpass
LastPass (Image for refference) | Via LastPass

New Delhi: According to popular password manager LastPass, hackers recently stole some of the company’s critical data and source code.

In a blog post, the company’s CEO stated that passwords for users were unaffected.

CEO Karim Toubba stated in the post that there was “no evidence of any illegal access to client data in our production environment.”

More than 25 million people use LastPass, which collects the hundreds of passwords that individuals and business users require to sign in to their social media accounts, professional networks, online stores, and other accounts.


Password organizers like LastPass are becoming increasingly useful because security experts often advise using a different, difficult password for every website a person visits.

It has always been a nightmare situation to compromise a company’s master password—the password that safeguards all of a user’s other login information.

This didn’t take place like that, Toubba said.

His article stated, “This occurrence did not compromise your master password.” Users were told by the corporation that nothing needed to be done.

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Other information regarding the breach was not made public. The business claimed that the intrusion had happened two weeks earlier and that a cybersecurity company had been recruited to look into it. A follow-up mail received no quick response from the company.

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