YouTube Unveils AI-Powered Editing Tools for Video Creators

YouTube in iPhone screengrab

YouTube ai-powered editing tools: Youtube the online video giant, is about to take things up a notch by introducing a host of cutting-edge AI-powered features for content creators. It’s all part of the game plan from its parent company, Alphabet, to infuse some serious generative AI mojo into its core offerings. Let’s dive into what’s … Read more

Google Pixel Watch 2 to Debut in India on October 5 Exclusively on Flipkart

Google pixel watch 2 side view

Google Pixel Watch 2 Debut India: Google is all set to make waves in the wearable tech market once again as it unveils its latest offering, the Pixel Watch 2, globally on October 4 at the highly anticipated Made by Google launch event. The Pixel 8 series and possibly the Pixel Buds Pro are willing … Read more

Apple Wants to Raise iPhone Production Upto 25 Percent in India: Piyush Goyal

Apple India wants to increase the iPhone Production upto 25% in India from 5-7% right now, claims Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday during a conference as the iphone maker (Apple) continues to move manufacturing from out of china. While mentioning India as a competitive manufacturing hub, Minister said “Apple is another success … Read more

TOP TECH NEWS: US and China establish historic audit agreement that benefits Chinese IT firms

New Delhi: Beijing and Washington signed a deal allowing US authorities to inspect accounting firms in China and Hong Kong, which was a significant step toward resolving a disagreement that threatened to ban Chinese companies, including Alibaba, from US stock exchanges. Since more than a decade, US regulators have wanted access to the audit records … Read more

LastPass Hacked: Password Manager LastPass Claims Hacked, Says No Credentials Swiped

LastPass (Image for refference) | Via LastPass New Delhi: According to popular password manager LastPass, hackers recently stole some of the company’s critical data and source code. In a blog post, the company’s CEO stated that passwords for users were unaffected. CEO Karim Toubba stated in the post that there was “no evidence of any … Read more

Exploring the Crucial Role of SLAM in Augmented Reality

Role of SLAM in Augmented Reality: In the realm of technological innovation, the convergence of computer vision and augmented reality (AR) has brought forth transformative applications that enrich our interactions with the world around us. One of the fundamental technologies that underpins these advancements is Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, commonly known as SLAM. This article … Read more

WhatsApp to Win Approval to Double Payments Offering to 40 Million Users in India: Reports

Whatsapp to win approval to double payements offering to 40 million users in India According to Reuters. WhatsApp has received regulatory authorisation to quadruple the number of users on its payments service in India to 40 million, according to a source with direct knowledge. The corporation had proposed that there be no limit on the … Read more